Pub Rules

  • Follow the signs- 1 entrance and 1 exit
  • We are operating a booking only policy
  • When making a booking you will be asked for your name and contact number. Your contact will be kept for 21 days due to the Government test and trace program.
  • Please adhere to the 1 metre social distance.
  • Table service only. (no service at the bar)
  • Please wash and sanitise hands frequently.
  • Music will be played at a reduced level.
  • If smoking please stand away from all doors so people can enter and exit the building safely.
  • Outside table reservations will open up the morning of that day due to the unpredictability of British weather
  • If the weather should turn we unfortunately will not space for you to move inside.
  • 1 in 1 out of the toilets. Please form a queue around the bar.
  • Due to the new measurements there will be some delays in service. Please be patient
  • No cash, card payment only. Contactless where possible.
  • Maximum of 8 people per table inside from a maximum of 2 households.
  • Maximum of 6 people per table outside from a maximum of 6 households.
  • You will not have to wear masks however if you feel more comfortable having one please do.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you and your social bubble adheres to the rules if anyone is found breaking them we reserve the right to ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave, we will call the police.

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